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Esu JESUS Immanuel SANANDA, was "the greatest to walk on Earth", and now - the TRUTH about the Creative Source God, universe ETs aliens, the uniqueness of Spirituality and Mankind.

Learn the information that has been HIDDEN from humans.

We readily acknowledge the website www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com has the source of our material which is NOT Copyrighted as per the instructions of it's instigator (creator) Commander Hatonn to his dedicated Scribe/typist Dhama (who has since passed - died) after having given years of dedicated service. Our aim is to exactly reproduce these works but in a much easier to read format (especially for smartphones) so that this important information is available for many more people to access.

Over time much has been hidden (by governments and religions) with the excuse that "people cannot handle the truth". (Fortunately this changes from about 2019 onwards). The real truth is - that when people KNOW THE TRUTH a whole lot of things start to make sense (for people are very intuitive and certainly are not dumb). The messages in these Journals present "the facts" of events and makes corrections to the various aspects of the Bible, the Talmud and more. The reader will easily understand the truth, for it will resonate within their Spirit. They will quickly discern (understand) what is the real truth. The technique of receiving these messages is not difficult and YOU CAN EASILY DO IT YOURSELF for this is what the Creative Source means for each of us to do. (But sadly religions hide and do not teach this technique).

In addition, we hope our style of presentation is more conducive to studying and discussing these messages. Coming mid-2019. (Hopefully as our reader you agree)!!! Shortly we will introduce a new style which is a technique far too difficult to achieve in the original days when Dhama only had a form of IBM typewriter to use. The "unaltered" original Journal material will soon be available from this website (www.PhoenixJournals.com) for viewing, for download, for listening (and is especially suitable for those listening at home, in hospitals, travelling or driving a vehicle etc).

Remember that Creative Source who did create everything including creating tides, sunrise, sunset, orbiting of Planets (accurate to the "second" over a time period of "billions of years") certainly did not forget or overlook how we (humans) can be communicated with on a two-way basis.

Overtime many people have forgotten or turned away from God in favour of TV, the internet and social media etc. Obviously this disappoints God, but God allows this behaviour because God gave mankind "free will".

Freewill is discussed in the Journals far better than I can relate to you so perhaps it is best I tell you more about the Journals.

For far too long successive governments have denied the existence of what we call extraterrestrials or aliens. Probably the best known extraterrestrial is from that lovely film ET (and so I shall use that expression ET in a very general and loving complimentary sense).

There are actually many ET races in existence and they live on many various planets. It would be more than unrealistic to believe Earth was the only inhabited planet out of the thousands of planets already identified by Man (let alone the many other planets that mankind is yet to discover). Now a group known as the "Pleiadeans" from the Planet known as Pleiades (and also known as Messier 45 and Seven Sister ) which is located in the constellation of Taurus have been visiting Earth a very long time in what we call starships.

The Commander-in-Chief is known as Commander Hatonn and as would be expected he is a very disciplined entity person or spirit (I will let him explain later - and as you will soon discover he is no cartoon or comic book character). Commander Hatonn chose to work with Dharma who accurately typed everything she received - so much so that even private type remarks were typed by Dharma. Usually these remarks would be edited out - we can do that easily now with computers but in the days of typewriters such editing was not an option. As a result we get a better insight into the Commander and can see that although friendly, he takes his duty and obligation to teach us very seriously.

The Commander is no fence sitter and "calls it as it is", which is very helpful for us humans to know what is expected of us. The Commander also calls in various Spirits to contribute their aspects, experiences or areas of expertise. One of those Spirits, is Sanada / Jesus (who we know better as Jesus from the Bible) - and his corrections of historic fact is most interesting and educational. ACTUALLY THIS IS ESSENTIAL READING ... SO YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ... YOU WILL BE SO PLEASED YOU TOOK THE TIME TO KNOW THESE FACTS/TRUTHS. I recall getting a bit confused because the Journals and the Bible BOTH SAY the Arch-angel Gabriel told Joseph that Mary was to bear a son to be named "Jmmanuel". So now if an angel told me that message - then you could be sure the child's name would be "Jmmanuel" and nothing else. Yet later we find the real name is Esu Jesus Jmmanuel Sananda. Sananda means .. Jesus means .. I'm still researching when these names were first used and will update this paragraph when I know.

Now apart from wonderful information (which I would love to mention and comment about) this website faithfully reproduces the text of the original messages - so I will stick strictly to Editorial comments which are identified as such, so you will never be confused.

In addition, the Commander was VERY STRICT in his Order that these messages were not to be modified in any way because he did not want people to be mis-led. You will note that some messages in the Journals are about events and people in America. At first I thought these type of comments were totally out of place in the Journals, but later I learnt they were indeed very relevant because now in 2018 they prove just how intelligent and accurate Commander Hatonn is and just how advanced the Pleiadean race is compared to Earthman.

I am now happy we can trust the Commander's messages but to be honest it has taken me some time to study and determine their accuracy. The Pleiadean planet is about 115 million years old and this could easily make a lot of sense when we consider "total creation and time/age of the Earth".

Anyway enough from me, I will write some comments from time to time and I know you will find the Commander's information in these Journals most interesting.

Suggest you first read Journal 27 regarded as "the most important of all the Journals".

Then suggest you read Journal 7 to find out more about the Commander and initial details about the writing's of these Journals.

Blessings be upon you and those you care about.

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